The Taste of Germany

The Taste of Germany Bratwurst and Pretzel Collection

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Everything you need for an authentic German party: 

  1. 2x packs of The Taste of Germany Bratwurst Pork and Beef Sausages Pre-Cooked With Celery, Lemon, Leeks 1lbs.
  2. 10x Bavarian Pretzels Handmade 
  3. 1x  Hela Curry Sauce Mild, Bratwurst Sauce or similar condiment
  4. 1x Lowensenf Sweet Mustard

Now, just invite friends and family, get a keg of beer and sing: "Ein Prosit auf die Gemütlichkeit."


(The sausages and pretzels are pre-cooked and flash-frozen. We will ship them with ice packs to keep them cold during most of the shipping time. They may arrive at room temperature, depending on the shipping time and outside temperature. However, they are still safe to eat. Please refrigerate immediately after receipt and consume within 3 days).

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7th Jul 2017


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