Teekanne "Weisser Tee" White Jasmine Tea, 20 ct.

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Teekanne White Jasmine Tea is exquisitely mild, with the fine, flowery taste of jasmine. Growing in the high mountains of Fujian in southern China. white tea owes its name to the white blossom leaves that surrounds young tea buds. Only the youngest leaves of the tea plant and tender buds are picked for the white tea and gently dried in sunlight and air. This is how white tea gets its mild taste. According to legend, white tea was considered by the emperors of China to be an indispensable ingredient for an elixir that would help to achieve immortality.

Mixed and packed in Germany by Teekanne, one of the world's largest purveyor of tea and Germany's leading tea brand. Based in Düsseldorf (North Rhine Westphalia), the family-owned company (founded in 1882) invented the flow-through tea bag, a technology used in virtually every hot tea product today.

Made in Germany

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