Seitenbacher Vegetable Broth & Seasoning in Tub, Vegan, 5 oz.

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One of Germany's best selling broth makers. A great tasting vegan broth made with with all natural vegetable ingredients. To be used as base for all kinds of bouillons, soups and sauces.

Gluten free, fat free, low calorie, cholesterol-free ... yet very full, nourishing taste. Made with nutritional yeast extract, carrots, turmeric, garlic root, parsley, leek, rosemary, lovage, celery, pepper balm, dill parika and rosemary. No additives, no extra salt added.

From Seitenbacher, one of Germany's leading natural and organic food producers based in Baden Wuerttemberg.


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1 Review

Suzanne Varnell 22nd Aug 2022

Vegetable Broth

Arrived in great condition. Thank you so much

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