Seitenbacher Organic Muesli Cashews & Almonds Wheat Free, 16 oz.

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The ultimate organic, natural or gluten-free muesli company, based in the Odenwald between Heidelberg and Frankfurt. The family-run company is the market leader for organic cereals in Germany. They source their grains from the most pristine local areas in the Swabia and Black Forest and mix or gently fill the finished products on specially designed and crafted machines. Seitenbacher muesli products contain whole dried berries and nuts which give the muesli a rich and satisfying flavor. A true breakfast treat.

- Good source of protein
- Good Source of fiber
- No genetically engineered ingredients
- No trans fat
- No cholesterol
- No preservatives
- No artificial colors
- No artificial flavors
- No sugar added
- No sodium

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1 Review

Lenhardt Matz 8th Nov 2021

Seitenbacher Organic Muesli Cashews & Almonds Wheat

these products are the very best . I have tried them all. the ingredients are well balanced what can you say when you have the best

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