Seitenbacher Brown Gravy Mix, 1 oz.

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 Sauce is a brown gravy-type sauce with a distinct savory flavor. It is often served with fresh peppers and mushrooms over veal or pork Schnitzel. It the famous "Jäger Schnitzel," served in many traditional German restaurants or pubs. The Knorr Hunter sauce is very convenient to prepare. Simply add 1 cup of cold water to the mix, stir, pour over the meat in the pan and cook over low heat for 1 minute. . Adds a delicious savory mushroom gravy flavor to your pork, beef, dumpling  or noodle dish. Great to have on standby, when you are time strapped and want to serve something delicious.

Made in Germany, by Knorr (a brand owned by Unilever) in Heilbronn, Baden Württemberg.

Allergens: wheat, milk, may contain traces of eggs and soy

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1 Review

Patricia Leslie 17th Jan 2024

Seitenbacher Brown Gravy Mix

We've been using this product for several years. It mixes up easily, has a good gravy flavor, and is extremely helpful in simplifying and speeding up recipes such as stews or casseroles that call for gravy, or even just having it available for mashed or baked potatoes. The mushroom variety is equally tasty and convenient - which to use depends on what we're making.

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