Schluender Amaretto Liqueur Cake 14 oz.

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Schluender's ready-to -eat cakes are a delight for the afternoon or as after-dinner dessert. Made with the finest ingredients and over 100 years of baking experience, this Amaretto (almond liquor) infused cake is destined to please your palate. Also sold under the Kuchenmeister brand and we ship either brand interchangeably. Produced by master baker Julius Trockels in Soest, Germany.

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2 Reviews

JENNIFER CRAIG 25th Aug 2020

Best amaretto out there !

This is really good cake. The amaretto nfusion is not fake tasting like so many cakes. The dating is usually very good so I stock up on these. Stayes fresh a long time.Nice with some raspberries.

Diana Chun 19th May 2020

A little bit of home

Got it for my mother, who grew up in Germany. She enjoyed it very much and said it was "a little bit of home".

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