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Ruegenfisch Baltic Sea Canned Fish Sampler, 4pc.

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For friends of fish who get tired of tuna. These original German canned herring, sprats, mackarel, salmon and trout specialties  - some flavored with delicious sauces - are full of omega 3 fatty acids and other healthful nutrients. Tinned herring in oil is also a great hangover remedy! You can spread the tinned fishes on toast, make an original Labskaus dish (a recipe you can find on or eat them as snacks with crisp or whole grain breads, such as as Mestemacher or Delba..  This sampler provides you with a variety of herring types and flavors - fried, smoked, marinated in wine sauce - so that you can decide which is your favorite one. 

This sampler will contain 4 tins with different types of fish and/or marinades (for fried or smoke herring, herring in oil, wine, tomato or mustard sauce, fried mackerel fillets, Kieler Sprats, German trout, North Sea Salmon etc.) from our premium Ruegenfisch tinned fish selection.

Please note: some of the products in this selection are highly seasonal or available only in limited quantities. We may replace an unavailable item with a similar item of equal value by the same manufacture, without prior notice..

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