Riegelein "Williamsbirne" Pear Brandy Chocolate Pine Cone Ornaments , 4.4 oz

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These delicious Riegelein dark chocolate, pear-shaped pralines are a real treat for the winter holidays. Each praline contains a  filling of original Black Forest pear brandy. Make great ornaments for the Christmas tree or great desserts in the winter months. Top quality chocolate novelty items are produced with only the finest cocoa and other ingredients. A creative way to enjoy chocolate this holiday season.

Contains alcohol. Not suitable for children.

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2 Reviews

Melanie Jewart 4th Jan 2024


These were just wonderful! I'm glad I ordered multiple bags since guests and friends were delighted with these delicious pear liqueur filled treats. Friends/guests even toasted each other with them. What a great holiday treat.

L.Slaughter 4th Dec 2023

Williamsbirne Pear Brandy

This is my absolute favorite liquor filled chocolate. This is truly a shot of liquid brandy. There is no doubt you are eating a liquid filled chocolate. Not for children. (I don't share with adults either, lol)

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