Pickerd Blue Lemon Glaze for Baking in Pouch, 125g

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Pickerd's blue glaze, packed in a convenient squeeze bag with spout, is a perfect way decorate your cakes, muffins and cookies with creative designs.  The glaze is made with a blue food color and light vanilla flavor.

Simply melt the glaze in its microwavable bag or in a pot with hot water. After a few minutes, you can easily apply it to the baked good in patterns of your choice.

The convenient and quick preparation offers you and your children many decoration options. Your cakes and cookies will be the highlight of the coffee table or at children's birthday parties.

Produced by Pickerds in Burgwedel, Lower Saxony

Made with confectioner sugar, palm oil, milk powder, emulsifier, FD&C Blue 1 food color and lemon oil. Contains milk and traces of tree nuts

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