Pfanni Classic Potato Dumplings, half and half, 7 oz, 12 pc

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Pfanni (or Panni, as it is called in the US) is the leading brand of potato and bread dumplings in Germany. Originally from Munich, Bavaria.

These classic potato dumplings, half from finely ground potatoes, half from coarsely ground potatoes, are a delicious addition to any meat or vegetable dish, with sauce. This pack makes about 12 dumplings.

Simply add content of bag to 750ml cold water, let rise for 10 minutes, Form 12 dumplings with wet hands, add to boiling water, reduce heat and cook dumplings for about 20 minutes in simmering water. Rinse briefly under cold water  and serve.

Recipe for basil infused dumplings with tomato-zucchini salad.



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1 Review

Rita 19th Apr 2022

These are wonderful dumplings

These dumplings are so easy to make and have a wonderful taste.

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