Onno Behrends

Onno Behrends Peppermint Tea 4.8oz

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Onno Behrends is noted as all natural, herbal tea which is also caffeine free. It comes in three flavors: fruity Rosehip, traditional Peppermint and soothing Camomile. To aide digestion or for a pleasing drink, Onno Behrends does the trick. Each box contains 50 tea bags.Onno Behrends Tea makes the perfect cup of hot and iced tea variations. The brand was establishedin 1886 in East Frisia (Ostfriesland), an area of Northern Germany where drinking tea has been an art form for many centuries.

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2 Reviews

DeAnna May Hutchins 21st Oct 2020

The Taste

The Peppermint tea is so good. Just the right blend. I enjoy this blend before bed as it helps me relax before bed. I also drink it for tummy upsets.

Juliana Fox 2nd Jun 2020


An enjoyable tea with a great peppermint taste. One of my all time favorite brands!

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