Niederegger Luebecker Gourmet Marzipan Cake 6.5 oz

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Niederegger is the synonymous with the world's highest quality marzipan, which is finely ground almonds mixed with sugar and rose water. The Lübecker Marzipan Torte is 100% marzipan (almond-sugar) paste , enrobed in the finest of bittersweet chocolate, all wrapped up in a handsome gift box. An irresistible composition of fine Niederegger artistry and a conversation piece for every dessert table, or a fabulous, unforgettable gift item! Also available as Black Forest Marzipan cake.

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2 Reviews

iris beason 1st Feb 2022



gayle 31st Jul 2017

wonderful product

I ordered this, since am in Florida in summer heat, the chocolate melted, so I put it in freezer and it came back. I suggest you order this in winter. My freezer pack with product was hot to touch, not their fault. Could order it overnight but that's expensive.

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