Lorenz Saltletts Sticks Tray 8.8 oz

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Lorenz Saltletts Sticks are crispy pretzel sticks with lots of practical uses. Snack with beer. Stick them into little cubes of Emmentaler cheese or Cambozola. Serve with dips and sauces. Play Mikado with them without breaking a stick.  This delightful snack is crisply baked according to a traditional recipe, before being carefully and freshly packed into a bag to retain its full flavor. It is a popular mix of authentic German savory cracker and salted snacks. 

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2 Reviews

Richard Carlson 1st Mar 2024

Even Better Packaging!

Upgrading my review to 5 stars - the current batch arrived in perfect condition! These are truly the best stick pretzels in the world!

Richard Carlson 4th Jul 2023

How could you not like these?

I remember traveling around europe and living off of "Salt Sticks". They have just the right amount of salt, perfect toasting, the perfect straight pretzel. One caveat - they do not travel well. It's inevitable that no matter how well packaged they are, there will be some breakage. But they still taste great, even if they are 1" long!

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