Kuechle Oblaten Round Baking Wafers 50mm 1.3 oz

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Essential for home baked Christmas cookies and lebkuchen, from one of the world's and Germany's pre-eminent wafer makers Kuechle.

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2 Reviews

Paul 30th Apr 2020


Been using (and eating) the Oblatens since I was a child. The Taste of Germany is quick to fill the order and ship it out - DANKE!

Wilfried Mueller-Crispin 26th Dec 2017

Best thing since Beichte

I've used Oblaten for 50 years and they are fantastic. I use them for Haselnussmakronen - always a hit and easy to make! Americans are always amused that you can eat the waver. Packaging was very flimsy/basic in manila envelope without protection - I was surprised and happy that they weren't damaged. Very important was, they arrived quickly and shipping was as reasonable as possible - so I didn't feel ripped-off and will buy from store again.

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