Kathi German Bee Sting Cake 16.6 oz

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A delightful summer cake with a whipped cream layer and a crunchy almond & honey topping, called "Bienenstich" in German. Just add whipping cream and butter. This is a well known delicacy in all German-speaking countries.


Package contains: 293g baking mix, 7g dried yeast mix, 60g mix cream filling,  60g mix crunchy coating, 50g almond flake.


Please note: the yeast dough is not meant to rise very high, so that the two layers won't dominate the flavor of the filling or crust. However, if you prefer more spongy layers, add another packet of yeast to the mix (such as Fleischmann's or other brands).

Kathi Rainer Thiele GmbH is one of Germany’s leading baking mix brand, a winner of numerous innovation and quality awards. The mixes enable home cooks to make great tasting and impressively looking cakes and pastries. They require just a few fresh ingredients and three simple steps and contain superb, GMO free ingredients sourced from domestic fields. Kathi is a testimony to Germany’s high quality, artisan baking traditions.

To read "Best By" codes on Kathi products: look for a 9 digit code on the top of the box. The second and third digit indicate the month (eg, 10 would mean the end of October). The fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth digits indicate the year.

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3 Reviews

Stef 19th Nov 2023

Kathi German Bee Sting Cake (Bienenstich)

Great Item for Fair Pricing, our Favorite next to the Black Forrest Cake! Thank You!

D 25th Feb 2022

Kathi’s bee sting cake

I made this for the first time for New Year’s Day. The next time I make this I would use 2 boxes …for me the cake was to thin. I left it in the oven a little longer because I wanted the topping to caramelize a little more. I’ve alway’s been used to custard in the center not whipped cream. I think the filling could have had more flavor. These thing’s are easy fixes. With all those thing’s said we enjoyed eating it.

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