Haendlmaier Original Bavarian Sweet Mustard, 8.1 oz.

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An iconic Bavarian sweet mustard brand, produced in Regensburg, Bavaria, by Haendelmeier.  A great complement to Weisswurst and Bavarian pretzels

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5 Reviews

Elaine 17th Jan 2024

Mustard from the gods

I don't love anything more in life than this mustard, I'm not kidding. This is my favorite condiment on earth. I put it on my sandwiches (goodbye mayo) and on hot dogs and it makes everything taste amazing. Just opening the jar makes me happy. I don't know what kind of magical ingredient is in here but I love it more than I should. I would crawl over broken glass and hot lava for this mustard. I have some on hand like I'm preparing for the apocalypse but I don't care.

Mary 25th Feb 2022

Bavarian sweet mustard

Absolutely love the flavor of this mustard !!!f

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