Emil Reimann Dresdner Stollen in Decorative Gift Tin 26.4 oz

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German Christmas Stollen are world-renowned winter holiday treats, originating in the 14th century. Of all Stollen made today,  the city of Dresden (state of Saxony) stands out for the quality and refined techniques to make Stollen. According to European law, the name Dresdner Stollen can only be used if the product has actually being produced in the city. 

Emil Reimann is one of Dresden’s best of the best. Selected ingredients, such as brand-quality butter, fresh milk, quality sultana, sweet and bitter almonds, candied orange or lemon from selected regions and finely mixed Stollen spices form the basis of this Christmas stollen. 

Ingredients are mixed in special sequence and the rising of the dough is specially timed with different baking temperatures in the oven. This unique process invented in Dresden guarantees the high quality in taste, texture and flavor. To maintain flavor and freshness, the Emil Reimann stollen is buttered again after baking.

Eating this cake will will be unique taste sensation.

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3 Reviews

Jack Kotz 12th Dec 2023

• Emil Reimann Dresdner Stollen in Decorative Gift Tin 26.4 oz

Absolutely the very BEST Stollen I have ever eaten. I ordered two more. I hope I can get more after I finished the four that I have purchased so far.

Cheryl Camardo 20th Nov 2020

Beautiful presentation

My order arrived just now! I am very excited to receive this beautifully packaged tin as well as the lebkuchen and ready to serve my family this week.

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