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Dr. Soldan Bavarian Malt Candies 3.5 oz.

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Bavarian Block Malz (cubed malt sugar candies) is a traditional home remedy for dry, sore throats and clearing the respiratory system.  Based on an original recipe created by Bavarian pharmacist Dr. Carl Soldan, these candies evoke the taste of malt beer (sans alcohol) and are both delicious and healthy. Dr. Soldan still boils the malt sugar over an open fire, based on a decades-old Bavarian tradition. The sugar sheet is then broken into bite-sized chunks.

"Deliciously Effective" is the motto of the Dr. Soldan GmbH, a leading herbal drop producer based in the Bavarian town of Adelsdorf (near Nuernberg).  Established in 1899 by pharmacist Dr. Carl Soldan, the company's main brand Em-Eukal (based on abbreviations for menthol and eucalyptus) is the leading range of herbal drops that taste great, relieve mild cough and are available in many delicious flavors.

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