Dr. Oetker

Dr. Oetker Cake Glaze Clear 2 Packets .35 oz per packet

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This glaze is the final touch for many fruit tarts, fruit cakes and other baked goods. Made from the finest ingredients by Dr. Oetker, the famous baking supply company based in Bielefeld, Germany.

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2 Reviews

Bill Christian 9th Jun 2020

Great price on a must have German product

One of the best prices on this German standard

Ulrike Fieglein 13th Jan 2020

Lazy baking

To have a quick but good tasting cake get the ready biscuit tart, put some fruit on it and than use this glaze. You can add as much or little sugar as you like. Your choice. But the taste is amazing and it is so easy to make. The clear one is always a good choice to make the color of the fruit more popping.

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