German Muesli from Seitenbacher: organic and natural food at its best.

Seitenbacher is one of the leading German organic, natural cereal makers and these whole grain oat, barley, and muesli, with added nuts and fruits are incredibly tasty and nutritious meals for the morning or in-between. Add milk, kefir and/or fresh juices. 

Deep down in the lush green rolling hills of the Odenwald, about an hour East of Heidelberg, you can find the picturesque, medieval town of Buchen and a small creek, called Seitenbach. That creek became the namesake of one of Germany's largest and most prolific organic-natural food companies, started in the 1970s by Willi and Marion Pfannenschwarz.  Seitenbacher muesli cereals, culinary oils, vegetarian broths and gravies, energy bars and organic sweets can be found  all over Germany and in many stores across the USA. If you have not tried one of the Seitenbacher breakfast muesli or culinary oils, do it here and now. You'll be in for a phenomenal taste sensation.   

German Muesli

Any of the 17 different Muesli flavors provide a healthy dose of "clean" nutrition to your diet. Different combinations of whole grain oats, barley, spelt or wheat, organic corn flakes, nuts, seeds, dried fruits or chocolate provide a muelsi for every palate. We offer promotional prices for the German Muesli I and German Muesli II, and deep discounted deals om other varieties. 

Vegetable broth

One of the best-selling and best-tasting Seitenbacher products. Simply dissolve the content of the sachet or 2 table spoons of powder in hot water and you'll get a vegetarian broth with, delicious, meat-free umami flavor, herbs and spices.

Culinary Oils

Seitenbacher's line of organic oils, milled and extracted in the company-owned oil Grunsfeld mill, ensure that you use only the best foods to fuel your body and brain. Try the garlic oil, lemon oil or Mediterranean herb oil with your salad, pasta or roast, The sunflower seed oils, sourced from local plants, add truly outstanding flavors.  Seitenbacher's organic frying oil, made from high-oleic, cold-pressed sunflower seeds, is well suited for high temperature frying cooking and baking. Your pommes frites (french fries) will come out crispy and tasty, without oily texture.

Nutritive Oils

For your digestion, gut health and overall well-being, Seitenbacher offers hemp, flax, and black seed oils that are best downed by the tablespoon.

Hemp oil is a rich oil that can be either ingested or used on skin. When eaten, hemp oil promotes brain health and is a natural pain relief for moderate pain. It is also known to relax muscles and help with heart health. When used on skin, the oil prevents acne breakouts and soothes eczema and dry skin. While hemp oil is typically associated with cannabidiol (CBD) oil, hemp seeds contain little, if any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Because of this, users experience the benefits of hemp's nutrients and fatty acids without the "high" that comes from THC.

Flax oil contains essential Omega-3 fatty acids, which promote heart health and reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Omega-3s also reduce joint inflammation, provide constipation relief, clear skin irritation, and may help with weight loss. Flax oil is typically ingested to provide benefits. You can use flax seed oil in cold food items such as salad dressings and smoothies for an easy immune boost to your meal.

Black seed oil is rich in thymol, thymohydroquinone, and thymoquinone. These compounds promote overall immune system health, provide a fatty layer of protection to vital organs like the liver, and may protect against carcinogens. The oil has a slightly bitter taste that is great for salad dressings or stir-frys. 

These three certified vegan, organic, all natural, and non-GMO oils are all available soon in our online store. Pre-order now.