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Alb Gold Knoepfle Spaetzle 11 lbs Food Service Case of 4

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These Knoepfle Spaetzle are a staple of Swabian cuisine and uniquely shaped like little buttons. "Button" in English translates to "Knoepfle" in Swabian, hence the name. Alb Gold makes these noodles using fresh eggs from cage-free chickens and high quality flour harvested from pristine German fields in Baden Wuerttemberg. Enjoy some hearty Knoepfle with cheese or meat sauce, just like the farmers and field workers in the Swabian region of Germany.


Alb Gold is the leading brand of Bechtle, a pasta manufacturer established in 1909 in Tuebingen. With over 100 years of experience in "Spaetzle" production, their products are a delicious addition to any meal.



Please note: we offer bulk products for restaurants and food service year-round; However, we do not have all items in stock at all times and procure them from our supplier partners based on demand. On occasion and during peak season (between September and December), it may take 4-8 weeks to obtain inventory of food service items.



Please note that this product is only available in cases of 4 bags. 




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5 Reviews

Melissa Rentchler 14th Jun 2022

14 June 2022 Couldn't wait to try

Boiled. Lemon peppered. Chewy. Tasty. Perfect for my dinner tonight. Eagerly anticipating using it "normally" but wanted to taste its bare essence. Didn't add my normal Himalayan salt so I could get that bare essence as much as possible. I intend to use them in soups for texture, salads as a base for greens, and just simply with a bit of olive oil or real unsalted butter. Need some good high altitude red Malbec from Argentina now.

Bonny Eberly 22nd Jun 2021

Perfect for large groups and organizations

We ordered this product for our local German Club Friday dinners. The ordering was fast, Taste of Germany provided order updates, and it arrived in wonderful shape. It is perfect as a side dish, and it is sure a lot easier than making our own. The form of the noodles is absolutely spot-on, and the rich egg taste is just like we had in Germany. We are so glad we found this product and we highly recommend.

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