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The Taste of Germany Leberkaese & Pretzel Meal Kit

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Invite your friends for a true Bavarian lunch or dinner with this combination of a 2 lbs. Leberkäse (veal-pork) loaf, 10 handmade frozen pretzels, Bavarian sweet mustard in a tube, and a set of 8 Bavarian themed plates. Now you just need to get authentic Bavarian Wheat beer and you're all set. True indulgence!

Makes a great gift for German food fans. See our "Shipping Perishable Products" page for details on shipping and handling.

Please note: we will ship Stiglmeier beef-pork leberkaese or Stiglmeier veal-pork leberkaese interchangeably, pending availability, without prior notice.

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1 Review

Frank X Greimel Jr 6th Sep 2022

laberkaese and pretzel box

the Leberkaese was very good a 5-star item, I was disappointed in the pretzels.

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