Seitenbacher # 1 Body Power Whole Grain Muesli Cereals with Nuts 16 oz

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Seitenbacher # 1 Natural Body Power Muesli contains 6 g protein per serving and 10% of the Daily Value for magnesium. The muesli cereal is composed of Whole grain spelt, raisins (unsulphured), whole grain oats, peanut kernels, sunflower seeds, barley flakes, dried apples (unsulphured), hazelnut kernels, wheat germ.


Muesli Cereals are ready-to-eat mixes of whole grain cereals, nuts, seed, and dried fruits. Invented in Switzerland and very popular in German-speaking countries, muesli is usually consumed for breakfast or as snack in-between, with a choice or mix of milk, yogurt, kefir, juice.


 Seitenbacher, based in the Odenwald region close to Heidelberg,  is one of Germany's leading natural and organic food producer with a knack for creating delicious cereals, oils, bread mixes and many other healthy products.


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2 Reviews

NS 26th Dec 2020


Delicious! Full of nuts, raisins, apples and seeds. It's not easy to find muslie cereals without sugar or flavors added with healthy ingredients. I'm hooked on this brand! Also want to note that I'm so happy to find this company! They have so many foods that I love that aren't available easily in the states. What I ordered were all fresh and great tasting. I'm excited to continue to order from this company.

Martin J. Franta 21st Dec 2020

The highest quality

This is the highest quality standard when it comes to muesli.

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