Lorenz Crunch Chips with Mild Paprika in Bag 6.35 oz

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These Lorenz Crunch Chips are made with whole fresh potatoes that are carefully cut and roasted golden-brown in order to create a sophisticated flavor before they are specially sealed for long lasting freshness.
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2 Reviews

muki b 21st Oct 2020

Lorenz Paprika Chips

So delicious I promptly ordered more.

Ulrike Fieglein 13th Jan 2020

so yummy

I could not live without my potato chips with "paprika". If you haven't already you have to try it. There are so many flavors you can get potato chips in the US but nothing beats the paprika chips in my opinion. No artificial taste whatsoever. Great savory flavor without any chemicals or coloring. I would give up chips if there were no paprika chips (just kiddin') But seriously... so good!

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