Party Responsibly. The 2020 Oktoberfest Party Guide

Each year more than six million visitors flock to the heart of Munich to attend the world's largest, authentic theme party. It’s Oktoberfest! Alas, not in 2020. 

Due to Covid-19, we have to celebrate at home. Or at small, socially distanced outdoor events. Why not? You can still enjoy beer in liter mugs, Bavarian soft pretzels and brass band music playing the Chicken Dance. Maybe you won't be able to win the bear at shooting galleries, shriek on roller coasters and ghost trains. But you can enjoy roasted chicken, Bratwurst, cotton candy, gingerbread hearts. Oktoberfest is where lovers, lonely hearts and groups of friends all can have a good time.

As you can’t make it to Munich this year, unpack your lederhosen or dirndl and plan the party. We’ll help you with menu ideas, delicious ingredients and accessories for the ultimate Oktoberfest buffet: All are available in North America and right here in this store.

Fist, a list of 15 “must have” ingredients for your buffet, which you can shop right here is this store:

  1. Bratwurst
  2. Black Forest Ham,
  3. Original Frankfurters,
  4. Bavarian-style Pretzels
  5. Westphalian whole grain breads
  6. Allgau Cheese,
  7. Sweet to hot mustards and curry ketchup from Duesseldorf and Bremen
  8. Tangy pickles and sauerkraut from South-West Germany.
  9. Spaetzle Noodles and Bavarian Potato Dumplings
  10. Make Your Own Gummy Bears kit.
  11. Bee Sting Cake or Black Forest Chocolate Cherry Cake
  12. Bavarian Mozart Kugel or Luebecker Marzipan
  13. Refreshing mineral water
  14. Organic soft drinks.

We assembled the ultimate Oktoberfest gift packs for 4, 8 and 12 people.

Second,the menu plan. Surf our sister site Among over 600 recipes, you will find the ones you like. We carefully curated the best ones for an authentic Oktoberfest menu.

Third … authentic Bavarian and German decorations. No problem, we’ve got them, too.

Finally, the music. No matter if you prefer Mozart, mild pop or heavy metal ... you gotta play the Chicken Dance! Composed by Swiss native Werner Thomas in the 1950 and originally known as the Duck Dance, this song morphed into the Bird Dance and then the Chicken Dance over the next decades. It is undoubtedly the Number One Oktoberfest hit, with clearly defined dance moves.

If you want to perform the Chicken Dance with Lyrics, you can imitate German pop artist Frank Zander, whose song „If we all were angels“ was a hit in the 1980s. The German and English text can be found here.

Now, you’re all set for a home-grown Oktoberfest. The rest is up to you.