Landsberg Sour Morello Cherries in glass jar 24 oz.

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These Morello sour cherries, harvested from German and European orchards, are pitted and preserved in sweet brine. The perfect ingredient for an authentic Black Forest cake. Or use as ingredient or garnish in desserts, sauces or with game meat.

Please note: based on availability of inventory, we may substitute the Landsberg brand with the Mammimger branded morello cherries in glass jars, which are of equal quality and value, without further notice.



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4 Reviews

kathy 31st Mar 2023

great cherries and great service

Taste of Germany got my order out promptly, packaged extremely well, and my husband is happy - he finally got his homemade cherry pie that he's been bugging me about! Although pricey with shipping, I would order again.

Mary 20th May 2021

Landsberg sour morello cherries in glass jar

These cherries are a MUST if making a Black Forest Cake. They were very well packed and arrived in excellent condition.

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