Knorr "Servietten Knoedel" Austrian Bread Dumpling Roll, 8.8 oz

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"Servietten Knoedel" (lit. napkin dumplings) are a culinary specialty in Central Europe, especially Thuringia, Bohemia (today's Czech Republic), Austria and Southern Germany. Traditionally served at festive events, alongside Sauerbraten, goose, Goulash or other gravy-rich meals, these dumplings are formed like a loaf or roll, tugged inside a linen cloth or napkin and steamed over hot water.  This method created spongy dumplings that soaked up the gravy and provided taste and texture to game meat, foul and other fine dishes.

This product is made in Austria by Knorr and comes in a convenient boil-in-bag. Simply soak the roll in luke warm water for 5 minutes, then boil for 30min into hot water, carefully open the plastic bag, cut into slices and serve. The Serviettenknoedel is great as a side dish, center plate dish (especially when broiled crusty brown), or as dessert (with berry compote or vanilla sauce). Makes 4-6 portions.

A rare find for US customers.

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