Hengstenberg Celery Salad - 12.5 oz.

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Expertly seasoned celery salad pickled in pure wine vinegar brine. Not too salty. Only 50 calories per serving.

German cuisine is famous for their pickled cucumbers, pickled onions sauerkraut, or red cabbage. No company is more synonymous with these German staples than Hengstenberg, founded in 1867 in Esslingen near Stuttgart.

Please note:

We may ship the Hengstenberg celery with or without apples, depending on availability, without further notice. These two products are very similar. Please let us know if you prefer only one or the other.

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1 Review

Cel a Ray 23rd Dec 2016

Understated Healthy Vege

Just enough crunch and tang to get you through lunch.

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