Hela Curry Sauce Mild - 12 oz.

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The classic among all curry ketchups in Germany (or curry sauces as it has to be called in the US) Hela is the leading and most recognized brand in this segment. The range of Hela Mild and Spicy condiments lends a delicate, sweet-spicy curry note to many dishes, just the right flavor for sausages, burgers, casseroles, soups and more.

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2 Reviews

Dwayne 11th Oct 2019


I was stationed in Germany about 25 years ago in the Army. I used to love this sauce on Curry wurst. I recently found how to purchase some. It tastes EXACTLY like it did when I was over there. THANK YOU!

Fernande Patry 22nd Jun 2019

Hela Curry Sauce Mild

We simply love this sauce on Chicken burgers, on hotdogs, with fries and as a marinade for Chicken... this sauce is so versatile. We discovered it many many years ago when we were in Germany. I’m very happy that I could get it to Canada.

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