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Girrbach, based in the Black Forest region of Germany, is a global supplier of creative edible decorations made from chocolate, marzipan and/or sugar. These toppings are perfect to make personalized, themed pies, cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, pastries, coffee specialties, ice cream or desserts.

Please view the PDF catalog to discover hundreds of different designs and shapes available to order.

Delivered costs of sugar decorations in boxes vary between $20.00 and $40.00 per box ($0.40 and $0.70 per piece), depending on the artwork. Delivered  costs for decorative sugar sprinkles in 100g (3.3 oz) PET jars are betweem $11.00 and $15.00. Large orders will benefit from steep discounts.

The strength of this company is the development and production of small batch, customized or personalized edible decorations. Perfect for hotels, restaurants, retailers, bakeries, corporate functions and individual home bakers.

  • Classic sugar sprinkles: huge variety of shapes and colors. Provides a little crunch to delicate pastries and cakes without overpowering flavors. A great alternative to boring chocolate or rainbow sprinkles. Use for pastries, cookies, muffins, cup cakes, yogurt and ice cream, muesli and cereals.
  • Water-resistant sprinkles for food manufacturers: keep colors and shapes during manufacturing process, perfect for chilling, freezing and flash freezing processes, Intensive colors
  • Dextrose Sprinkles: excellent alternative to traditional sugar sprinkles. No artificial flavor enhancers or preservatives. Natural ingredients, colors and flavors
    No use of  hydrogenated fat. All ingredients are sourced based on sustainability standards. Produced in the Black Forest region of Germany.
  • Decorative shapes: flowers, figurines, and lots of options for seasonal occasions.

More information:

  1. Complete 2017 Standard Catalog
  2. 25 different chocolate decor shapes:
    hearts, squares, squares with round corners, rectangles, ovals, herald, circles, rhombus,
  3. Decorations in blister packs
  4. Sugar Sprinkles Catalog





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