Girrbach Soccer Ball Chocolate Decorations 192 pc.

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Planning to sell your customers uniquely themed cake designs? Make a sponge cake and decorate them with soccer balls milk chocolate decorations from Girrbach.

192 pieces of artfully crafted chocolate rounds printed with edible designs made from natural colors.

Girrbach, based in the Black Forest region of Germany, is a global supplier of creative edible decorations made from chocolate, marzipan and/or sugar. These toppings are perfect to make personalized, themed pies, cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, pastries, coffee specialties, ice cream or desserts.

Other designs includes 192 decorations of:

  • Classical lattice shapes. Subtle designs and line management, produced in dark chocolate
  • Marbled decors: a successful combination of innovation and aesthetics. Each piece is unique. available in dark and white or dark and milk chocolate
  • Printed decorations: individual creations, themes, advertising. Available in white, whole milk and dark chocolate
  • Relief decorations: Raised, 3-D shapes, available in white, milk and dark chocolates
  • Whole Milk Chocolate Sprinkles:  whole milk chocolate sprinkles.  not subject to heat and light influences and are not melting while baking. No accumulation of grey haze, no melting during baking. Use of high quality ingredients provide pure chocolate taste
  • White Chocolate Sprinkles: upgrade your chilled and frozen novelties with greater visual intensity. Optional natural colors for creative assortments.
  • Chocolate Chunk Inclusions: for baking into Muffins or for decorating desserts. made of whole milk, dark and white chocolate. 

Call us to inquire about hundreds of other design options delivered directly to your door.

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