The Taste of Germany Sampler

German Sausage Condiment Pickle Sampler

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Here is an essential assortment to add a little german flavor to your barbecue: original sausages (actually made in Germany), pickles and condiments.

Meica Deutschländer and Mini Wini Sausages, Hela Curry Sauce (Ketchup) Mild and Hot, Hengstenberg Cornichons and Red Beets, and Hengstenberg Sweet Mustard -  the perfect assortment for a babecue, outdoor tailgate party or indoor sport TV event.

Hengstenberg Cornichons 1
Hengstenberg Red Beets Sliced 1
Meica Mini Wini Cocktail Sausages in Jar 1
Meica Deutschländer 1
Hengstenberg Mustard , Swee t. Jar 1
Hela Curry Sauce MIld 1
Hela Curry Sauce Hot 1
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