The Taste of Germany Sampler

German Sausage and Condiment Sampler

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Savor a variety of different authentic German pork sausages together with complementing condiments. Just add beer, schnaps , a few friends and fräuleins and your party is complete. This is a smaller version of the German American Barbecue.

This box contains:

Brand      Product      Weight     # if items   
Meica Bockwurst Sausage in Jar 8.8 1
Meica Frankfurter Sausage in Jar 6.3 1
Meica Weisswurst Sausage in Jar 12.1 1
Hela Curry Sauce Spicy 16.0 1
Löwensenf Düsseldorf Mustard Extra Hot 3.5 1
Hengstenberg     Bavarian Sweet Mustard in Tube 3.5 1
Knorr Salad Garden Herbs (5 pack) 1.0 1






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1 Review

reimer 31st Jul 2013

first rate product.

I give the sauseges and mustard a 5 just not familiar with the curry sauces, taste wise.

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