Develey Bavarian Sweet Mustard in Squeezable Tube 3.4 oz

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Enjoy Germany's best known mustard brand in the convenient squeezable tube format. These are made from aluminum, not plastic, are easy to carry and store. And inside is the famous Munich sweet mustard, just made to consume with Weisswurst, on cold cuts like Gelbwurst and in salads. Develey is a company following climate neutral production, packaging and transportation practices.

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1 Review

Peter 11th Jan 2023

excellent, comparable to Thomy Wuerzig Suesser Senf

this is a sweet mustard with a mild flavor; it is meant to go with a Weisswurst, a very mild German white sausage. Similarly, I have found it to be an especially go match with some mild US chicken sausages, and would probably go well with other white meats, like a baked chicken filet or a pork chop, or a mild cheese and cold cuts (turkey, chicken, bologna). Because it is mild and sweet, it won't keep up with darker sausages like Bratwuerste (which match better, in my opinion, with more savory and sharp mustards). In any case, I think this is a mustard everyone will like because the flavor is mild (e.g., compared to Grey Poupon, which has an excellent but strong flavor). My favorite in this category (a category of two), is the Thomy Wuerzig Suesser Senf. But the latter is hard to find in the US, and, not having done a side-by-side taste test, they seem interchangeable.

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