DEAL: Knorr "Salatkroenung" Pasta Salad Dressing Mix, 5 pack

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The "Salatkrönung" (lit. salad coronation) is a line of salad dressing mixes with carefully selected herbs, spices and natural flavors. Just add water and oil. You'll get a great taste experience custom-made for specific salad greens, vegetable and other fresh ingredients.

The Pasta Salad salad dressing mix contains parsley, thyme, oregano, basil, ground mustard, ground dry tomatoes and lovage.

Each pack makes about 120ml (4 oz) liquid dressing, enough for a 2 person salad.

May contain traces of gluten, egg, and celery.

Best By Date March 2022. The products are safe to consume and do not lose quality for five months after the Best By Date.

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