Dallmann's Thyme Lozenge 1.3 oz

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Dallmann & Co., est. 1898 in Wiesbaden, Germany, launched their famous thyme lozenges ("Thymian Bonbon") last year. This tangy, refreshing candy with natural thyme extract became an instant hit. Only available in 20,000+ pharmacies ("Apotheken") across Germany, consumers use Dallmann's thyme lozenges to relief scratchy throats and coughs. In fact, Dallmann's sage lozenges are today Germany's most recognized and popular brand of non-medicinal throat lozenges, preferred by opera singers, actors and anyone else during the cold and hot seaaons.

The secret ingredient: a carefully cooked, natural extract from the sage plant (Salvia officinalis L.), which has been used for millenia as an herbal remedy. In addition to the sage extract, Dallmann's Sage Lozenges also contain a good dose of Vitamin C.

Available in Regular and Sugar Free Version

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