Boeklunder Pure Pork Salami Snacks Classic 2 pc. - 1.75 oz.

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A delicious protein snack made in Germany, Boeklunder Pure Pork Salami Snacks contain 6 gram of protein from lean, premium cut pork meat (USDA certified). The meat is cured with natural beech wood smoke. It's gluten free and free of growth hormones.*

Each product contains 2 x 9.5 inch long salami sticks - enough to satisfy the hunger in between.

Boeklunder Pure Pork Salami Snacks are great for school lunches, office snacks or simply a savory bite in-between meals.

Available in Classic and Hot Chili flavors

 * US federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in pig breeding.

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3 Reviews

Robert Hayman 16th Oct 2019

Smoked Salami sticks

First tried at a local store. Since then they haven't had them in the store. Really excited the taste of Germany advertised having them. Quick delivery and was really happy to find them. Definitely will be ordering more soon.

Heidi 23rd Oct 2018

Smoked Pork Salami

Just as the previous reviewer stated, it is impossible to get smoked knockwurst in the US. For me, this comes closest. It would be wonderful, if you could source the Round Smoked Knockwurst!!! You would have customers.

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