Refresh with an Elderberry Radler

Germans love to mix beer with a lemonade soda to create a refreshing drink after a good workout. We highly recommend the Bionade Beer option: a less caloric, better flavored alternative to regular soda. Bionade Organic Elderberry Soda or Bionade Organic Cloudy Lemon flavors are especially tasty. Try it today.

What is Bionade

Bionade [pronounced bee.oh'nah:de] is Germany's first range of soft drinks made from all organic ingredients and naturally fermented malt sugar. The products and brand originated in the 1990s in the East Bavarian region called Rhoen.

This immensely refreshing and tasty beverage is brewed like beer: fermented organic barley yields natural zesty gluconic acids, which are mixed with freshly pressed organic berry and citrus fruit juices and lightly carbonated pristine Bavarian water.

The result: A lightly sparkling fruit beverage with way fewer calories than comparable soft drinks. No added or artificial flavors, colors or aromas. Simple, pure ingredients. Just drink straight up, use as mocktail or ingredient for mixed drinks, cocktails or bowls.

Mixing beer

Mixing beer and lemon or orange soda is popular across Europe and bears many names: It's called "Radler" in Southern Germany (in engl: bicyclist) or "Alsterwasser" in Northern Germany (in engl: Alster water, a tongue and cheek term referring to the river Alster in Hamburg).  The residents of the city of Muenster (North Rhine Westphalia) drink "Wurstwasser" (sausage water = pilsner + soda). The Dutch call it Sneeuwwitje (Snow White), in France it's known as Panaché, in England Shandy.  

The final Radler flavor depends on the choice of beer. Bavarian use Export beer, Northern Germans use Pilsner. You can use wheat beer (Hefeweizen or Weißbier). This variety is called Russe (in engl: Russian). Many European use Coke, Sprite or Fanta, some us electrolyte drinks, other pure lemonade. But the use of less-caloric Bionade will please your palate.

Almdudler or Club Mate

If you prefer the Viennese "Radler" version, use Almdudler, an iconic Austrian alpine herb soda. Berliners use Club Mate, the soda made from yerba mate plants, that give you an extra caffeine kick.