Looking for Lebkuchen ?

Lebkuchen, the German "gingerbread" cookies, made with nuts, candied fruits and oriental spices, are among the most popular Christmas season treats. Invented more than a thousand years ago by monks, who made the best out of meager winter wheat, tree nuts, oriental spices and candied fruits to create a heartwarming cookie.  Read all about lebkuchen on www.germanfoods.org.

Here you can find the right fit fit for any occasion:

  • Nuernberg Lebkuchen Rounds with chocolate, sugar glaze or with a wafer bottom
  • Nuernberg Elisen Lebkuchen Rounds, the "Rolls-Royce" of its kind, with over 40% nuts and only the best ingredients
  • Dresdner Dominosteine, cube shaped, with marzipan and/or cherry jam layers
  • Aachner Printen, hearty gngerbreads from the former capital of the Charlesmagne's empire
  • Lebkuchen Hearts, with sprinkles
  • Lebkuchen in Festive Tins, which make beautiful gifts, even after you ate all the lebkuchen inside.

We also carry all the essential flavor and baking aid ingredients to make your own Lebkuchen: Oblaten wafers, Hirschhornsalz (ammonium Carbonate, you need this to make the dough rise), Pottasche (potash; another raising agent); and a dedicated Gingerbread spice mix.

We feature some great home-made Lebkuchen recipes.