How to Find Lower Shipping and Product Cost Options

Food cost inflation is a concern for everyone. We strive to offer our customers authentic German food and beverages at the lowest possible prices while staying in business. Here’s a guide to help you lower shipping costs, find sale items and basement bargains, and get coupons on specific products, brands, or categories.


Utilize Minimum Order Values: We offer free shipping on orders as low as $80 during the summer. The free shipping thresholds depend on your region and shipping zone. Generally, larger orders mean lower shipping costs per product. Find out more about our free shipping thresholds by zone.

Choose Curated Collections: Explore our "Taste of Germany" Box Collections, which feature themed assortments for different meal occasions. Many of these collections include free shipping. Note that if you add other products to the order, you will have to pay for their shipping.


Split Perishables from Non-Perishables: When temperatures exceed 78°F, we ship heat-sensitive products like sausages, cheeses, pretzels, and chocolates via 2-Day Guaranteed Mail. If you want to purchase both heat-sensitive and non-sensitive items like seasoning mixes, breads, or muesli, consider placing two separate orders. We can ship non-perishables with Ground Transportation at much lower costs. For large orders going to Shipping Zones 3 and 4, splitting the order can result in lower overall shipping costs. View our Policies for more information.

Pick up from Our Warehouse in Rockville, MD: If you live in the Metro Washington DC area, you can pick up your order from our warehouse in Rockville, MD. This saves on shipping costs. Just place your order online and pick it up from our location near Downtown Rockville and the Rockville Metro Station.


Approaching Best Before Dates: To reduce food waste, we offer steep discounts on products approaching their "Best Before" dates within one or two months. Check the ON SALE section for these deals.

Fighting Food Waste: Most packaged foods are safe to eat and maintain their quality for 3-5 months after the "Best Before" date. Sign up for the TOO GOOD TO GO app, look for The Taste of Germany Store, and get a bag of goodies for a third of their value. You can also check our BEST BY DEALS section for products priced at $1.00.


Newsletter Coupons: Sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of our store's home page) to receive exclusive coupon codes, recipes, and meal ideas. We often offer discounts on new products, featured categories, and overstock items.

Featured Products: Every month, we introduce new culinary products in our store. Many are listed in our FEATURED PRODUCTS section, often at introductory prices. These items offer great flavors and fit our assortment. We work closely with small and mid-size, family-run manufacturers in Germany and other European countries to bring these products to the US.

Stock Up: Sometimes you may want to stock up on staples like pickles, sauerkraut, potato dumplings, spaetzle, seasonings, and sweets. We offer volume purchase discounts on certain products, such as when you buy a case of 6 or 12 items. These discounts are available on individual product listings.

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime by email at or call us at 1-800-881-6194 to discuss more ways to save on your purchases or inquire about specific products.