How to Find Great Bargains in our Store

Looking for great bargains and discounted prices in our store? Simply go to our ON SALE and BEST BY DEALS sections and add products of your choice to the cart. In the ON SALE section we offer introductory prices for new products or weekly specials for seasonal or overstock products.

Fighting food waste: In the BEST BY DEALS section, we sell products that are at or past the Best By (or Best Before) date at far below cost. All of these products are perfectly safe to eat and won't loose quality 3-5 months beyond the stated date. Throwing away perfectly safe and edible food is not just an economic loss. It also contributes to the depletion of natural resources and environmental damages caused by mass agriculture. 

Incentives to try new products: Each month, we introduce new culinary products in our store. Many will be isted in our FEATURED PRODUCTS section. These new products offer great flavors and novel taste experiences, are of high quality and fit the context of our assortments. And we want you to try these products at a discounted price. We work closely with numerous small and mid-size, family-run manufacturers in Germany and other European countries, helping them to get their products compliant with US labeling regulations and importing these products on a trial basis.

Stock up: There are times that we purchase too much of a good product and want to reduce inventory. Every week, we offer new incentives to stock up on goodies that are familiar to you our are a dedicated to a special meal occasion or recipe.

Weekly new bargains: Check our ON SALE section every week and discover great prices for products you may like. Also subscribe to our newsletter by adding your email in the SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER field the front page.