Beck's Cacao

Beck's Organic Cocoa Powder with Natural Orange and Ginger Extracts 8.8 oz.

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An irresistible cocoa experience. single source premium cocoa powder mixed with Moroccan orange and ginger extracts. This product is a must have for all connoisseurs of hot or cold chocolate.

Michael Beck, based near Rosenheim in Bavaria, has made a name for himself and his company Becks Cocoa in the German and international chocolate scene with his extravagant premium cocoa creations. His assortment of 16 cocoa specialties combine the world's finest cocoa crops with natural cane and coconut blossom sugar, herbs and natural flavors. The ingredients are organic and fair-trade whenever possible.

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3 Reviews

Elizabeth A. Early 8th Nov 2022

Cocoa powder with orange and ginger extracts

Top notch quality. I could smell the essence of the orange as soon as I opened the container. I only recently received it and I have not used it much other than putting it in my coffee but looking forward to trying some baked dishes with it. Superb.

Joyce York 11th Feb 2022

Beck's Organic Cocoa Powder

I gave my Mom some as a gift because she is an avid cocoa drinker and I wanted her to try something different and she loves it! She is 95 years old and one of her pleasures is sipping on a deliciously hot cup of cocoa. My sister who lives with her and is her caregiver says this brand is a very good quality and has a wonderful taste and aroma.

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